Todd Pouson and IPT

Todd Poulson and the IPT group had a nice bunch of fish up to 12 lbs, 6/6/15.

Dusty Bomar

Dusty Bomar on June 4, 2015. These beauties weigh 13 to 14 lbs. Dusty and Kym Bomar & Jeff & April Ellison had a great time pulling in all these stripers. The lake is full and the fishing is great.

Matt Moore

Matt Moore's party is touching the railroad bridge on Texoma. The lake level is 27 feet over pool and the spillway is going over 3.5 feet. May never get this opportunity again.

Matt Moore 2

Matt Moore 3

Matt Moore 5/27/15 with a limit to 15 lbs. These young boys had a great time despite the high water .

Jim and Cindy Hall

Jim & Cindy Hall, 5/12/15, a box full.

Walt Baker

Walt baker, 5/9/15, around 17 lbs

Walt Baker 2

Walt Baker group, 5/9/15, limit to 12 lbs

George Armstrong

George Armstrong Group, 5/8/15 The lake might be flooded but the fish are biting. Limit to 14 lbs

Mike Young

Mike Young group, 5/7/15, limit to 16 lbs

Mike Young 2

Mike Young sure made these customers happy fishing with Chris on 5/7/15.

Doug Simons

Doug Simons, 5/6/15 large one 15 lbs.

Shaun'e Dec 2014

Shaun'e is happy with her 15 pounder in December 2014

Robert 20150322 

On March 22, Robert caught this 20 pounder early in the morning.

Steve 20150322

Later that same day Steve called up this 17 pounder.

Below are some older pictures